OpenDeusto Manifesto

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OpenDeusto is an initiative of the University of Deusto that seeks to create, maintain and promote a University Community of online UD-related users (students, teaching and research staff, administration and services staff, former students, friends, professionals, etc.). It mainly seeks to serve as an active experimental space for the transposition of the specific values and competences of the University of Deusto Education Model to the digital universe.
Basically, the aim is to use digital tools and environments, from the point of view of social technology, in order to advance in the process of personal development based on competences and values.

Basic principles

OpenDeusto seeks to create and broaden new commitments and behaviours in digital networks through continuous work and experimentation in the new electronic communication networks. Therefore, it requires some basic principles that frame its activities and lead them adequately towards its aims. These principles have been initially summarised as follows, although it will be the OpenDeusto community itself the one to recognise and broaden them in the development of its activity.

Positive Digital Discrimination

Digital documents will be preferred rather than the use of paper; in addition, electronic communication channels will be promoted to complement on-site meetings.

Information Decentralisation

Instead of keeping a centralised structure of information and knowledge, information will be transferred, if possible, to shared electronic environments where users normally carry out their activities.

Permanent Link

The aim is to help to create a human network in continuous growth, so an effort will be made to provide each community member with an electronic channel for permanent communication.

Responsible Identification

Each person is directly responsible for his or her actions and opinions, and in order to establish such responsibility, the irrefutable identification of participants in any space or communication channel of the initiative will be required. To ensure the application of this principle, OpenDeusto will provide users with a unique personal identifier, which will be of a permanent nature.

Open Data

All the information contained in OpenDeusto, with the exception of the restrictions imposed by the current legislation, and particularly by the Data Protection Act, will be published by default. Therefore, any omission in any of the information given must be able to be argued. To ensure this principle, a number of auditable mechanisms will be provided so that any interested person can point out any omission, inaccuracy or error in any information given.

Conversation Spaces

Any information contained in OpenDeusto will be liable to be commented by any person who may have access to it, in the same field of dissemination of information. To ensure this principle, no privileges regarding communication rights will be granted, nor will prior censorship of contents be enabled.

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    Complacido de compartir con Uds. la construcción de un Proyecto desde la comunidad Universitaria que se inscribe en la Vida-Mundo contemporánea, y que supere ya la Universidad medieval.Cordial y con muchos deseos de Éxito!. H. MAURICIO GARCÍA M.

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