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Google+ now available at myOpenDeusto

May 22 2012 by dagarcia 2 comments »

Google+ has been activated for all the students at the University of Deusto. And what is Google+? It is an internal social network for all students. Each of you will have access to your profile on google+ in the top bar of your mailbox, next to the calendar, docs, etc…You can use this profile to post messages of interest for your contacts (text, photos, videos, audio, etc.) and also decide who can view these messages, comment and mark them as interesting (with a +1).

To set up your account, you have to click on the email address that appears on the mail top bar, and then on the “Join Google+” option as shown in the picture:

Únete a Google +

Únete a Google +

Then, you will have to fill in some basic data (one of them is your date of birth. The date you enter must be real. If you enter one corresponding to a minor, Google will block the account automatically, and you will not be allowed access to email or other applications of the Google Apps platform).

To organise who can view posts, there are circles. You can create as many as you want (for example, a circle where you can put your classmates, one for the people working on a specific project, those you meet for coffee, etc…). In turn, you can have a contact in several circles at the same time (to move it to another circle, you simply have to drag it). Then, to post a message, you will have to define the circles in which you want it to appear (for example, comment on the progress of a project with the members of the circle). You can also share information with the entire university by selecting the name of the institution.



Also, you can contact other users outside the domain that have their Google+ profile on gmail (lecturers, students from other universities, friends …).



This tool also allows you to make online Hangouts: it allows up to ten people to talk to each other in a video/audio multi-chat, which will improve teamwork without having to move. In addition, you can share what you have on your computer screen or in a particular application you have open with the participants in the session.

For users of mobile devices, there are applications for Android and iPhone, which allow us to manage Google+.

As with all new tools, you may have questions about it. You can leave them as a comment here, or send an email to:

We would also like to tell you that the University of Deusto already has a página oficial inside this global social network.

The deadline for the use of old email accounts to access UD Systems (CDK/rigel) has been extended to 13 April

Apr 4 2011 by OpenDeusto 6 comments »

As we informed you a few days ago, from today 4 April, myOpenDeusto account will be the only way to access the different Information Systems at the University.

The deadline to use old accounts has been extended to next 13 April.

MyOpenDeusto account will be the only way to access the different Information Systems of the University

Mar 23 2011 by OpenDeusto 7 comments »


If you already have a account, you do not have to go on reading this message.

If you do not have a account, we inform you that from next 4 April 2011, your username and password to access myOpenDeusto platform will be the only way to access the different information systems of the University such as the student Extranet (marks, news, academic transcript, credit template, etc.). , learning platform (ALUD), PCs in computer rooms and labs, etc. Your current username/password (For example: CDK\1alperez password) will no longer be valid on 4 April 2011, and you will not be able to use them to access the information systems of the University.

Please, request your new digital credentials at the following email address as soon as possible:

Please note that before requesting your account, you must access the “personal information” section on the student extranet ( to check that your alternative email address is correct. During the application process, you will be sent a confirmation email to the address you supply that you will need to respond to be able to make your application.

If you have any queries and/or you have any problem to request your account, you can contact us at the following email address:

Computer Service
University of Deusto

Presentaciones myOpenDeusto

Dec 14 2009 by OpenDeusto No comments »

Unos cuantos estudiantes de la UD a los que llamamos Tutores OpenDeusto, se han ofrecido voluntarios para difundir la existencia de myOpenDeusto y para mostrar al resto de estudiantes para qué nos puede servir la plataforma.  Estas sesiones tienen como objetivo presentar a los estudiantes las principales características de la plataforma mostrando la utilidad que ofrecen las diferentes aplicaciones de Google Apps para un estudiante de la UD.

Han organizado una presentación específica para cada una de las facultades a la que por supuesto estás invitado. Puedes consultar el calendario y horario de las presentaciones en la siguiente página:

Si deseas asistir, te agradeceríamos que te inscribieras a través del siguiente formulario:

Un saludo,